Open Classes

The open classes are suitable for students with Shadow Yoga experience and regular practice. All three preludes will be taught. We´ll start a new prelude at the beginning of every trimester. (September, January, April)

Beginners have the possibility to come to the class at the start of every trimester since a new warm up, a new prelude and asanas will be taught step by step.

Beginners may also chose the workshops or intensive courses as an introduction to the Shadow Yoga system.

Place: Institut Dr. Schmida - Lehargasse 1, 1060 Wien
Time: Wed, 9th January to 27th March 2019, 7pm to 8:30pm
Prelude: Balakrama
Price: Drop-In 18,-Euro, 10 class pass 150,-Euro
Place: Institut Dr. Schmida - Lehargasse 1, 1060 Wien
Time: Thu, 10th January to 28th March 2019, 8:30am to 10:00am
Prelude: Balakrama
Price: Drop-In 18,-Euro/10 class pass 150,-Euro

Intensive Courses

In the Intensive Courses we will focus on one of the three preludes followed by asana vinyasa. Beginners are able to learn one prelude in a short time period while advanced students can focus on deeper levels of the practice and learn new asanas for their home practice. Everybody practises according to their level.

Place: Institut Dr. Schmida - Lehargasse 1, 1060 Vienna
Time: 18th March to 29th March 2019, Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7am to 8:30am
Prelude: Kartikkeya Mandala, asana vinyasa and finishing sequence
Price: 110,- €

Private Sessions

Beginners are strongly encouraged to attend a private lesson in order to establish whether the Shadow Yoga method is suitable. People with special requirements (eg injuries, health issues, pregnancy etc) are also advised to attend a private session since the practice can be adapted to meet individual needs.

Prices: 60,- €/h; 280,-€ block 5 times; 540,- € block 10 times